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Preparing For Your Eye Exam

Please bring this information to every appointment, so that we can have all the pertinent information.

  • All eyeglass and contact lens information
  • Any situations where you are having problems with your vision
  • Any significant medical history
  • A list of medications and the reason you are taking each
  • Your history of any significant eye disease or injury
  • Your family history of significant eye disease
  • Any special vision requirements at work or for hobbies

There is a common misconception that our eyes must be healthy if we can see, but sadly this is not true. A thorough eye health examination looks not only at whether or not we need glasses to improve our vision, but also checks for eye diseases which can occur without symptoms, such as glaucoma, tumours of the eye and retinal detachments. In addition, we may look for signs of underlying health problems that may be seen in the eyes, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis to name only a few.