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Vision Health Month

Vision Health Month is a great time to raise awareness about eye health and ways to prevent vision loss. A regular eye exam by a doctor of optometry is the best way to stay on top of eye health. Call today to book your next appointment with us!


Low Vision Awareness Month

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Low vision means having impaired vision that cannot be corrected by glasses, surgery or medication. The most common cause of low vision is macular degeneration, an age-related disease that affects the central portion of the visual field. Talk to your eye doctor about your concerns with your vision and learn how they can help you in preserving your eyesight. #LowVisionAwarenessMonth



We will be CLOSED from December 24th, 2021 to January 3rd, 2022.

Normal office hours resume January 4th, 2022 at 8am

Enjoy the holidays!

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OHIP Eye Exam Update

Thank you to all of our patients for your continued support and advocacy. We are happy to announce that we are resuming eye exams for ALL OHIP-insured patients as the Ontario Association of Optometrists and provincial government agree to enter into formal negotiations.

We ask that you remain patient as we work through the backlog of appointments that were either cancelled or rescheduled. Our staff will be contacting ALL patients who have been added to our cancellation lists due to the job action to prioritize their appointments. We will continue to triage emergency visits and try to accommodate where possible.

Thank you again to all of our patients, we are excited to see you all soon! We ask that you continue to treat our staff respectfully as they work diligently to ensure that everyone is seen in a timely manner.

To learn more please visit

Senior’s, Children’s and OHIP eye exams will end September 1st!

Beginning September 1st, Optometrists across Ontario will stop providing OHIP-insured eye exams for children, seniors, and adults with OHIP-covered eye conditions. 


Job Act

For over 30 years, successive Ontario governments have ignored Optometrists. In 1989 the fee paid for an OHIP insured eye exam was $39.15; today, over 32 years later, it is on average $44.65. This has not kept up with inflation and does not come close to covering the cost (including rent, staff, utilities, equipment, taxes and supplies) to provide an eye exam.  Every time we perform an OHIP insured eye exam we do so at a loss. This is not sustainable. 


Wage Graph for Ontario

Our fees would have to increase by over 60% to reach the next lowest province. The bar graph here compares Ontario to other provinces that fully fund eye care. 


You may have read the government has offered us an 8.48% increase in our fees. For a senior’s eye exam that would raise our fee to $51.00. While that seems generous, it still leaves us more than 30% lower than Manitoba, the next lowest paid province. Unfortunately, an 8.48% increase does not make up for 32 years of neglect. 

We need the government to prioritize and properly fund eye care to make it sustainable for years to come. 


If you are a senior (65+), a child (19 and under), or an adult with OHIP-covered eye conditions we will not be able to see you. If you have an appointment booked during job action our team will reach out to you and put you on a priority booking list so we can see you when job action is over.  

If you are between the ages of 20 – 64 (and do not have an OHIP covered condition) we can still see you for an eye exam. Our frame gallery remains open to everyone (by appointment), as this job action only affects eye exams.  


No. Unfortunately, provincial law prevents anyone from paying for any OHIP-insured service, even if you have your own insurance. 


Please visit to sign our online petition or call/email your MPP.   

Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MPP 

Randy Hillier Email:

Phone: 613-267-8239 


Back To School

It’s almost time!

As parents flock to back-to-school sales in coming weeks, you may need to add eyeglasses to the pens, school uniforms, laptops and backpacks on your child’s back-to-school supplies list.


Your son or daughter may be among the 2.6% of children in Canada with a vision impairment significant enough to affect their ability to learn.

Why is seeing clearly in the classroom so important?

It’s said that 80% of what a child learns through age 12 is through their eyes.

The best way to know if your child needs glasses is to put a comprehensive eye exam for him or her on your back-to-school to-do list.

Call your local optometrist today!

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June is Cataract Awareness Month

June is #CataractAwarenessMonth! Cataracts may develop slowly over many years or they may form rapidly in a matter of months. They develop without pain or redness. A full eye exam with an optometrist can determine if you have cataracts. ~ CAO
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Myopia is already highly prevalent in many countries. It is estimated to affect 50% of the worlds’ population by 2050.